Keeper of the Clown: My Life with Ernest Book - PAPERBACK - SIGNED

Keeper of the Clown: My Life with Ernest Book - PAPERBACK - SIGNED

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Every copy of Keeper of the Clown purchased from our store will be hand-signed by John Cherry.

Ad man John Cherry tells humorous recollections of working with comedian Jim Varney to create “Ernest” television commercials and Disney movies. This memoir was written for adult readers and is NOT a CHILDREN'S BOOK.

Ernest P. Worrell became an advertising and motion picture icon by being bounced around on a rolling 20-foot cannon, shoved off a rooftop, and shocked from a TV short. John Cherry recounts the thrill ride of taking Ernest from local TV ads to big-screen movie hits – all the while being bounced around himself by bankers, the IRS and Disney executives.

In this hilarious – and mostly true – look behind the scenes, Cherry tells how he and the agency creative team came to put actor Jim Varney in a khaki baseball cap, sell TV commercials to scores of clients, nab Barbra Streisand’s manager as his own, and successfully direct Varney’s unpredictable creative genius.

Excerpt about Jim Varney’s wedding day: The sword came down like a guillotine. It was a clean, even slice. The wedding cake stood tall and proud. A thin mark down the side was the only evidence that hinted at its severe wound…“Let’s go shoot my 44 magnum!” Jim called out.